Top 60 Camp Roster Named
Jonathan Swart May 17th, 2013

Jonathan Swart

BOULDER, Colo. — The Top 60 Camp roster has been confirmed.  With only a day until the athletes arrive, in Greeley, Colo., a final list of athletes attending has been deciphered.

Those selected will take to the athletic fields at the University of Northern Colorado in hopes of being selected for a Women’s Eagles summer test match.  The player-pool drawn from the Top 60 Camp will also be used in moving forward for the 2014 World Cup.

Those athletes will be in pursuit of the ‘final in ‘14’ goal.

“A lot of the athletes that you will see this weekend will most likely be the ones that we will be utilizing for the World Cup,” said head coach, Pete Steinberg.

Once at the Top 60 camp, players will be divided into teams in order to compete in a three scrimmage series.  Pitting Stars against Stripes, players will showcase their skills in a team setting for the intra-squad matches.

Scrimmages will take place May 19, 22, and 25, respectively.

Teams will remain predominantly the same throughout the week, however, due to player availability, some players may be traded throughout the week.

Work commitments will hinder some of the more-veteran players, while three of the athletes will be departing early for different reasons.  Meya Bizer, Anne Petterson, and Hope Rogers will be leaving ahead of schedule in order to compete at the U20 camp in Chula Vista, Calif.

Practice times are slated for 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. each of the days.  Classroom and weight training sessions will be intermittently placed throughout the week as well.



Women’s Eagles | Top 60 Camp | Greeley, Colo.

Katy Augustyn
Meya Bizer
Sharon Blaney
Megan Bonny
Phoebe Boone
Sylvia Braaten
Francine Bray
Stacey Bridges
Lizzy Bristow
Jamie Burke
Elena Cantorna
Erica Cavanaugh
Sarah Chobot
Kate Daley
Lauren Daly
Amy Daniels
Jessica Davis
Mel Denham
Carmen Farmer
Elizabeth Fierman
Aly Gleason
Valerie Griffeth
Evan Hoese
Devin Keller
Amanda Kingzett
Molly Kinsella
Joanna Kitlinski
Ashley Kmiecik
Lynelle Kugler
Jennifer Lui
Kaelene Lundstrum
Leilani Martin
Cassidy Meyers
Helen Rose Miesner
Laura Miller
San Juanita Moreno
Katie O’Malley
Erin Overcash
Samantha Pankey
Anne Peterson
Christiane Pheil
Andrea Prusinski
Naima Reddick
Lauren Rhode
Hope Rogers
Rachel Ryan
Hannah Stolba
Amanda Street
Jocelyn Tseng
Shaina Turley
Emily Van Gulik
Kittery Wagner
Sarah Walsh
Caroline White
Sarah Wilson
Jessica Wooden
Kristin Zdanczewicz
Christina Zier